Art of the World Gallery’s Second Exhibition: Julio Larraz

February 23rd – April 15th, 2017

HOUSTON, January 12, 2017 – Art of the World Gallery is pleased to announce its next exhibition featuring one of the most important contemporary Latin American artists, Julio Larraz. 

The exhibit will debut on Friday, February 23rd, open to the public February 24th, and be available until April 15th, 2017 at the gallery located at 2201 Westheimer Rd. Houston 77098.

“We are thrilled to feature Julio Larraz in our second show and allow for our clients to explore their imagination with each of his paintings,” said Mauricio Vallejo Co-Director of Art of the World Gallery. “We hope our collection of Larraz’s art stimulates the mind and leaves a positive impression on everyone who visits our venue.”

Art of the World Gallery will exhibit more than 30 works of art of the most important living Cuba born and raised Julio Larraz. Among the exhibition is a variety of paintings, watercolors and sculptures. Julio Larraz’s artwork depicts romantic prints, nostalgia of a bourgeois world already gone, possibly from Cuba before the revolution, dictators, sophisticated women, men with power and a life of luxury. His work is inspired by figurative tradition, but expands various points of views such as conceptual, stylistic and thematic. Best known for his precise and detailed technique, his enigmatic imagination, and his unique subtle, elegant touch and style which has all helped affirm his reputation. 

Larraz is a master in provoking curiosity, producing a desire in the viewer to fully understand the events and interactions depicted in his scenic works. Master of color, Julio Larraz is bringing a versatile attractive depiction of the private life of politicians, aristocrats, religious characters, ocean views and the beauty of nature. 

In the exhibited oil on canvas, La Doyenne at La Maestranza; an elegant mature woman leans on a wooden desk, striking a pose of supremacy and reputation. With an impassive stare, she intimidates with her presence. Her bright red lipstick, reflective sunglasses and fashionable black jacket reflect a state of authority. Her status is supported by the beauty in the simply colored background consisting of the famous artwork of Francis Bacon which hangs on a tasteful red wall.

Proving to be the master of color in Giacomo Casanova at La Maestranza, oil on canvas, Julio Larraz once again acknowledges the famous works of renowned artist Monet, Van Gogh, and Goya. Larraz captures the high class of a successful gentleman, dressed in a white suit; enjoying his drink as he gazes off into the distance, a scene captured perfectly in time. The Julio Larraz exhibition is a tidal wave of power, elegance, mystery and mastery of color.