Sergio Hernández (B. 1957) | Mexico

Indigo - Añil
Oil and sand on canvas, 2020

Alexander Calder (1898-1976) | USA

17" Planets
Gouache and ink on vellum paper, 1976

Current Exhibition

Lita Cabellut | Whispers of Inspirtation

Whispers of Inspiration marks the gallery’s second individual exhibition with internationally acclaimed contemporary Spanish artist, Lita Cabellut.  A skilled multidisciplinary artist, Cabellut is known as the “portraitist of lost souls”. Utilizing a modern version of the Renaissance fresco technique which she has perfected over decades, she creates large-scale portraits characterized by iconic craquelure effects, crafting works that embrace all facets of life and humanity.

In her new exhibition, the compelling deconstructed portraits are juxtaposed with structures that allude to hidden narratives and whispers between the lines. Stories are told within these paintings, revealing the infinte world concealed in compositions of materials, texture, and masterful techniques.

Cabellut demonstrates her deep understanding the Old Masters’ objectives in executing a painting, their form of conveying messages, and the way in which they created strong and timeless compositions. The Spanish artist employs contemporary techniques to reach the same moment of awe that 17th century portraits inspired, in a way that puts her on the march forward of art history. Central to her artistic vision is the inspiration drawn from these masters’ pursuit of freedom and essence—a quest that transcends time and unites all great artists.

Expanding on this journey, Cabellut integrates elements of street art, a realm where freedom and art have always found their mutual connection within the contemporary landscape. These diverse influences and modes of expression converge to enrich the profound depth evident in Cabellut’s work.

April 2nd, 2024 until May 25th, 2024.