Sergio Hernández (B. 1957) | Mexico

Indigo - Añil
Oil and sand on canvas, 2020

Alexander Calder (1898-1976) | USA

17" Planets
Gouache and ink on vellum paper, 1976

Current Exhibition

Armen Agop | Mantras

Art of the World Gallery, presents “Mantras by Armen Agop,” the debut of an acclaimed Egyptian artist in Houston. Armen Agop is an award-winning contemporary artist best known for his spiritually charged sculptures and paintings, derived from his exploration of ancient spiritual heritages.

The title ‘Mantras’ encapsulates the spiritual essence of this exhibition. Each artwork is a meditation that engages the senses, reminding us that art can be an invitation to travel inwards and connect to our own inner spirituality. Agop’s ascetic approach focuses on the simplicity of basic elements like a point or a line, believing in their infinite potential. Agop states, “I explore materiality through granite and immateriality through time.” Together, these works are physical manifestations of spiritual practice, and the creative act itself becomes a mantra chant.

Agop was born in Cairo to Armenian parents, where he confronted daily the dualities of the spiritual heritages of the two ancient cultures. The dialogue between the two created in him a continuous reevaluation of values, a unique perspective between East and West, and old and new. This led to his exploration of ancient meditative practices and adapting them to a personal practice in his work.

January 18th, 2024 until March 16th, 2024.