Sergio Hernández (B. 1957) | Mexico

Indigo - Añil
Oil and sand on canvas, 2020

Alexander Calder (1898-1976) | USA

17" Planets
Gouache and ink on vellum paper, 1976

Current Exhibition

Javier Marín | Materiality

Art of the World Gallery, presents “Javier Marín: Materiality,” the second solo show of the illustrious Mexican artist in our gallery. In this exhibition, Marín introduces an extensive range of media and techniques that he has explored throughout his four-decade career. 

“Materiality” demonstrates Marín’s innovative approaches, combining traditional methods with new techniques, such as 3D printing and virtual space exploration. He uses various materials such as bronze, clay, polyester resin, recycled PET, and more. While he is most known for his sculptural work, the artist also presents a diverse selection of oil paintings that underscore his comprehensive mastery as an artist. 

Marín’s oeuvre centers on figurative sculptures that symbolize the resilience and vulnerability of the human form. Born in Uruapan, Mexico, in 1962, his art has graced over three hundred exhibitions globally, featuring in prestigious collections and renowned institutions across the world.

October 12th, 2023 until January 6th, 2024.