Capturing the full complexities of the human experience can require a tremendous undertaking for any artist. In contemporary art, few names evoke as much curiosity and admiration as that of Lita Cabellut. While her portraits bear an unmistakable identity, they contain a sense of intrigue created by the presence of structures that reveal hunches or whispers within the composition.

Not familiar with Lita Cabellut or haven’t seen her work before? Continue reading as we unravel the artistic process in Cabellut’s Whispers of Inspiration.


Sabina (2023), mixed media on canvas
Sabina (2023), mixed media on canvas

Lita Cabellut’s creative process often begins with a meticulous selection of potential models. This involves conducting an intimate interview with the models to truly get to know the story behind the subject. The selection process is truly an intimate experience in which the artist searches for sincerity, chemistry, compassion, and empathy. A true connection with a person that has a story to share, someone that has perhaps been marginalized just as Lita was when she was in her childhood.

Additionally, Cabellut draws inspiration from personal connections, cultural references, or societal narratives. This ensures that her choice of models contributes meaningfully to the overall conceptual framework of her artistic vision. The collaboration takes place only if there is true chemistry and empathy between the artist and the model.


Impulse 12 (2024), mixed media on canvas
Impulse 12 (2024), mixed media on canvas

Once the artist solidifies the collaboration, she steps into the studio with her subject to conduct a photoshoot as part of her artistic process. These photoshoots serve as the foundation for the composition she will subsequently create in her paintings.

During the photoshoots, Cabellut directs the lighting, composition, and poses to evoke the desired mood and expression from her models. She often experiments with various settings, make-up, props, and wardrobe to further enhance the narrative depth of her portraits. This preparatory phase allows Cabellut to intimately understand the nuances of her models’ physical features, expressions, and personalities.


Miriam (2022), mixed media on canvas
Miriam (2022), mixed media on canvas

Once the preparatory studies are complete, Cabellut transitions to the execution phase, where she applies her signature technique of cabellutism. This involves silkscreen, oil, acrylic, aerosol paint, layering various materials such as plaster, pigments, and other mixed media onto large canvases. Through a combination of spontaneous brushwork and controlled manipulation of materials, Cabellut creates textured surfaces that reflect the depth and complexity of her subjects’ identities.


Lita Cabellut is renowned for her extensive use of mediums, including oil paint, acrylics, silkscreen, resin, plaster, and even aerosol spray-paint. Employing up to 15 different techniques, each contribute to the distinctive aesthetic of her deconstructed paintings.


Marta (2024), mixed media on canvas
Marta (2024), mixed media on canvas

Lita Cabellut introduces the physical cracking of the canvas during the final phase of her creative process. Typically, she initiates the cracking of the canvas by folding, rolling, kicking, scraping, and dancing upon the surface. She also uses other methods such as scoring or heating the canvas to create intentional fractures. This deliberate act serves as both a metaphorical and aesthetic expression of the passage of time, the fragility of human existence, and the complexities of identity.

Additionally, Cabellut slashes areas across the canvas surface, revealing hidden layers underneath. These intentional disruptions reflect her belief in embracing life’s inherent flaws and vulnerabilities, transforming them into sources of strength, resilience, and transformation.


Lita Cabellut is most known for her larger-than-life portraits, crafted in a unique style that combines multiple layers in multiple mediums. In her paintings, we find not only beauty and truth, but a profound reflection of our shared humanity, waiting to be discovered anew. And with it, we are invited to confront the complexities of our own existence.

Being Cabellut’s second solo exhibition at Art of the World Gallery, Whispers of Inspiration allows collectors to enjoy a selection of twenty-four of the artist’s paintings, spanning the last five years of her career. The exhibition will be on view until May 25th.

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