Art of The World Gallery opens in Houston with Fernando Botero show and a major new art installation

HOUSTON, October 11th, 2016 – Art of the World Gallery is pleased to announce its grand opening and inaugural exhibition featuring worldwide renowned and acclaimed Latin American artist Fernando Botero.

The show will be on display from October 28th, 2016 to February 11th, 2017. One of the major highlights of the gallery’s debut in Houston is the installation of the monumental sculpture Reclining Woman with Fruit also created by the Colombian Maestro Fernando Botero and brought directly from Italy; this historical precedent will take place this month in preparation for the exhibition.

“Our goal is to enrich the community with an extraordinary art experience,” said Mauricio Vallejo Co-Director of Art of the World Gallery. “We hope our roster of artists and our carefully selected inventory of works of art creates a positive and memorable impression in the eyes of their beholders and the space it occupies.”  

Reclining Woman with Fruit was made by Botero in Italy and it is one of only five sculptures of its kind in the world. The bronze sculpture, which weights 2 tons, will be installed outside the gallery’s window display, and it will exhibit at Art of the World Gallery along with many more of his paintings, sculptures and drawings, at its venue located in 2201 Westheimer Rd. Houston TX. 77098.

Fernando Botero’s art portraits people, urban places, landscapes and the natural world through a realistic yet abstract aesthetic that confers his pieces with a very unique and luminous volume. Botero’s signature style, often called “Boterismo”, can evoke criticism, irony and even humor, but it undeniably offers a magical way of recreating reality. Formally speaking, his methodical and one of kind selections of color, shapes and proportions – which are based on an intuitive and creative process of thinking –, make of his body of work a compelling and enticing mirror of our world.  With more than 20 years of experience in the art business, the focus of its owners Mauricio Vallejo and Liliana Molina, is mainly on modern, postwar and contemporary art. The inventory, acquired directly from the artists that they represent, it’s comprised of masters, mid-career and cutting-edge painters and sculptors from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. Some of them include: Fernando Botero, Julio Larraz, Jorge Jiménez Deredia, Cristóbal Toral, Sophia Bari, Robert Indiana, Carlos Luna, Igor Mitoraj, Jesus Moroles, Park Eun Sun, Mr. Brainwash, Gustavo Vélez, among others.

Art of the World Gallery believes in selecting its art and artists with diligence and integrity. The gallery carefully considers art that will create a positive impact in any space. Its mission is to make the process of acquiring art an enriching and accessible experience for all its clients. Dedicated to providing a memorable art experience, the gallery offers private and corporate art consulting, art planning and installation services.  

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