Amador Montes – “Under The Skin”



HOUSTON, TX (February 2023) — Art of the World Gallery –Houston’s leading modern and contemporary art gallery– is ecstatic to introduce and present Amador Montes’ big debut in the United States with a solo show titled “Under the Skin. The exhibition will consist of a curated selection of twenty-eight pieces conformed of several mediums, including drawing, painting, etching, and sculpture. The contemporary Mexican artist from Oaxaca shares a deep exploration of personal memories from his childhood and the study of color and texture, inspired by the beauty and atmosphere of indigenous and mestizo culture. The spectacular individual show has been unveiled to the public from Friday, February 3rd. It will be on view until April 1st, 2023, at the gallery located in the River Oaks area – 2201 Westheimer Rd. Houston, 77098.Born in 1975, Amador Montes grew up in a vibrant environment rich with wildlife, such as exotic birds and insects like butterflies, mosquitoes, bees, deer, and other animals from tropical-forest mountains from the rich Oaxaca, in the south pacific coast of Mexico. His natal region and its nature, being the main inspiration for Montes’ art. Beyond, hisnative  atmosphere, the artist considers that the keys to his work are emotion and sensation; his personal memories, reading, musc and traveling throughout his life.

Amador enjoys changes. Every single piece is much more than just an artwork, is a personal experience occurring spontaneausly through a constant evolution. Devoted to experimentation and research, his aesthetics and power of expressiveness is based in his own momentums and naturist abstraction

Through his drawings, paintings, engravings, and sculptures, Montes creates scenes that return to his childhood and experiences that encounters with nature, objects, and concepts that constantly keeps dreaming about and wonders in his mind. The early exposure to the natural world would go on to greatly influence Montes’ artistic style and creative vision. As a child, Montes spent much of his time on the patio of his family’s home, surrounded by the sounds and sights of the fauna that encircled him. Then as an adult his wanderlust passion, influenced in his art; particularly trips to Asia, such as to Korea, really mark and continuously stimulate him. Literature and music are also other forms of art that become part of the visual poetry in his compositions; they are like impetuses, instinctive texts, and symbolic numbers that enrich every work in a unique way.

Considered by some art critics as the Mexican contemporary Basquiat, Amador Montes dedicates his full life and career to his mother Carmen, who passed away some years ago, as well as to his natal place, Oaxaca. The artist transforms all these element recollections into vivid representations of varied layered interventions, allowing others to see and experience the beauty and magic of his roots and personal thoughts. Even though his undoubted artistic influence from the graphic and fine arts renowned Oaxacan school –born and taken over generations from pioneer masters like Tamayo, Toledo, Morales, and Hernández–the multidisciplinary artist, Amador Montes, manages to highlight in the contemporary scene locally, in Mexico, and internationally. His work is part of significant public and private collections in his country, England, Spain, the United States, Korea, United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

A prolific artist who has exhibited his work more than a hundred times in places of great importance including, the Casa del Risco Museum, the BUAP University Cultural Complex, the Regional Museum of Guadalajara, the Museum of Oaxacan Painters, the Querétaro Art Museum, the Chamber of Deputies: H. Congress of the Union and in the Senate of the Republic, to name a few. Additionally, his art has been exhibited in countries such as Spain, England, Korea, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and notably in the United States as a panelist at the Latino Impact Summit at the Headquarters of the United Nations Organizations —ONU— in New York. Currently a public exhibition, at the main avenue of Mexico City -Paseo de la Reforma– at the entrance façade of Chapultepec Forest, titled “Animalistica”, furthermore inside of the same big and important national spot, permanently displaying monumental “Típulas” sculptures at the Botanic Garden.

Montes’s Under the Skin is a testament to the incredible Latin American community and the artistic desires of Houston,America’s most diverse city. The arrival of Montes’ works to Houston and Art of the World Gallery is a significant event that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Latin America and highlights our commitment to showcasing diverse, captivating, and inspiring art. The exhibition will be a unique opportunity for art collectors and visitors to experience the depth and range of Montes’ talent, connect with the artist’s cultural roots, and raise diversity that continues to thrive in Houston.