Live Life in Color by
Art of the World Gallery


HOUSTON, TX (August 9, 2021) – Art of the World Gallery is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition, No Rules in Life, featuring the prolific pop artist Thierry Guetta, popularly known as Mr. Brainwash. The vibrant solo-show debuts on Monday, August 9th and is on view until October 31st, 2021, at 2201 Westheimer Rd. Houston, 77098.

No Rules in Life marks the return of Mr. Brainwash to Houston and highlights our second individual exhibition with the internationally recognized artist. Popular celebrities like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and more, have propelled Mr. Brainwash to further fame with prominent purchases and displays of his work. Furthmore, he has collaborated with multiple important figures in the world including Banksy on a Sundance Film titled “Exit through the Gift Shop,” and was invited to the White House by former First Lady Michelle Obama to celebrate International Women’s Day in Washington, 2016. From the streets to the Vatican, Mr. Brainwash even worked alongside Pope Francis to create an artwork meant to raise funds for Scholas, the Pope’s personal foundation to serve the youth of the world.

A provocative street artist, Guetta works in cities around the globe, building recognition and garnering appreciation for his bright, technicolor style, largely inspired by art history and contemporary cultural icons. Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Kate Moss, Madonna—whether individually displayed or playfully juxtaposed, these emblematic celebrities are symbols of determination: the ultimate dream chasers, a central theme in Mr. Brainwash’s work.

This solo-show will allow viewers to admire the grandiosity of his mixed-media technique and experience multiple realms of emotions. Never-before seen artworks will be on view at the gallery, giving Houston a first look at some of the newest works created by Mr. Brainwash. After the massive success of the exhibition “Houston is Beautiful” at Art of the World Gallery in 2017, where over half of his artworks were sold, Mr. Brainwash was determined to return. Art of the World has played a pivotal role in Guetta’s career, expanding his audience in the Southern region of the USA, with visitors scheduling appointments ahead of time to visit No Rules in Life. Experiencing a pandemic has undoubtedly changed the lives of everyone, even as we continue throughout 2021, but the objective of No Rules in Life is to uplift viewers, reminding them to enjoy every moment of life.  The gallery’s first floor will display over thirty artworks, from screen prints to stencils, sculptures, and spray paints, the audience will be immersed in a sensory experience.

Born in France, Mr. Brainwash grew up admiring street artists, becoming fascinated with the role of street art in modern culture. Upon his first trip to Houston, he was immediately drawn to the city’s avid street art scene and vast number of murals. His work is based on the idea that anything is possible in life and that there is no manual for art. Mr. Brainwash states, “Art has no walls. Anybody can be an artist. Art has no rules.”

World-renowned, Mr. Brainwash has become a sensation. His first show debuted in 2008 and he rapidly became one of Los Angeles’s most memorable solo exhibitions with over 50,000 visitors. Moreover, Mr. Brainwash will also be the subject of another documentary filmed by acclaimed director Michael D. Ratner, who also directed a feature on Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato. This film will include previously unreleased footage to document Mr. Brainwash’s obscurity to worldwide phenomenon, featuring interviews with major figures of street art including Banksy. Navigating between worlds of film, Hollywood celebrities, culture, music, and sports, Brainwash has designed album covers for Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rick Ross, and KYGO. His artwork was featured in films and television productions such as Molly’s Game, Billions, Shameless, and Keeping up with the Kardashians. He has showcased in creative partnerships with Coachella Festival and powerhouse brands like Hublot, Coca- Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Ray-Ban, Levi’s, and Marvel Comics, to name a few.