Oscar Saborío presents his mystical spaces with a solo exhibiton at Art of the World Gallery


[HOUSTON, TX, May 2019] – Art of the World Gallery is pleased to present ​Interspaces​, ​an exhibition of abstract works by Costa Rican contemporary artist ​Oscar Saborío​. More than thirty new artworks, made for this solo show, on view from May 23rd through July 20th, 2019.

Interspaces is an exhibit showcasing the unique, direct-techniques of this extraordinary artist.  Through the use of his palms, fingertips and fingernails, the artist creates large scale compositions dominated by swirling scratch marks and unique brush-strokes expressing the artist’s suppressed emotions and his deep love for nature. Saborío depicts abstracted landscapes and comforting environments portrayed on canvas and paper. These optical spaces are inspired by the artist’s deep feelings and by the elements of mother nature. Fluid movements representative of water, wind, and light, as well as the idea behind separation of earth and sky; dance through the paintings, presenting a juxtaposition. The typically colorful perimeters of Saborío’s work display a wide palette in colorful vibrancy and intensity.

The gentle painter transmits decades worth of enriching life experiences through his masterful touch. Describing his canvases as, “A colorful emptiness…filled by a light that caresses the soul.” the viewer is transported to “the safe space” that the artist longed for as a child. “It is a duty to leave things better than we found them…if with a little imagination I can add emotional and spiritual value to my work…I have fulfilled my duty.” The artist invites the spectator to join him in his safe haven.

Oscar Saborío always fantasized of becoming a painter. As a child, he showed an extraordinary skill for drawing, displaying a particular passion for landscapes and skies. His first experience as a young child, flying in a tri-motor airplane over the Costa Rican jungle impacted him in much deeper forms than expected. Throughout his academic career, Saborío practiced in different fields such as architecture, theater, and interior design. Allthough he never had the opportunity of attending  an art academy, he never ceased to paint. Having moved to Texas in 1981, Saborío finally turned his full focus on exploring his artistic vision. With a career spanning more than 40 years of self-discovery and self-reinvention, he has defined his artistic style and his purpose in life.

He has participated in several exhibitions in the Caribbean, Central America, and Texas; his artworks have become part of many important collections. Since 2016, he has proudly been represented by Art of the World Gallery, where his most recent work may be found in permanent exhibition.