Timeless Encounters with Contemporary Realism

Collective Exhibition
March 1st – June 5th, 2021

HOUSTON, TX (April 2021)Indulge in works by the greats of contemporary realism. Art of the World Gallery is pleased to announce its new exhibition Timeless Encounters with Contemporary Realism a collective show featuring some of most remarkable and living masters in the realist current including: Cristóbal Toral, Muñoz Vera,Julio Larraz, Marc Sijan, Carole A. Feuerman, and Carlos Vega Faúndez. The impressive exhibition is on view from March 1st to June 5th, 2021 at the gallery located in the River Oaks area, at 2201 Westheimer Rd. Houston 77098.

The delighting gallery entrance is mastered by a Contemporary, Magic and Hyper Realism complexity between extremely detailed techniques varying in themes, color, and styles. The curated selection includes painting and sculpture, embracing some of our most notable resident artists and including some of the new artists in gallery. Thrilled to introduce on this occasion, two of the most important Chilean painters Muñoz Vera and successor Carlos Vega. The two painters recently joined the AOTW Gallery family and are on display in the main rooms at the first floor.

Alongside these remarkable artists, the unique group exhibition also highlights some of the most recent enigmatic and timeless paintings by storytellers Julio Larraz (Cuba), Cristóbal Toral (Spain), Carole A. Feuerman (United States), and awe-inspiring hyper-realistic artworks by Marc Sijan (Serbia).

The highly sought after and in demand, Muñoz Vera (Chile) is renowned in the Magic Realism current for his cartography and navigation themes. Furthermore, he depicts incredible universe-views, landscapes, and still life compositions in traditional oil painting.

uñoz Vera’s successor, the gifted Carlos Vega (Chile) is celebrated for his impressive adaptations of 20th Century masterpieces and recognition of the successful souvenir culture in his well-known, Museum Series.

The compositions by this wonderful group are all dedicated to figurative and realistic artworks.

Miraculous hyper-realistic humanlike artworks by Serbian American sculptor Marc Sijan, such as his iconic Security Guards, usually at the gallery entrance, a Texan Cowboy, as well as an amusing Maid. Included in the hyperrealist category, appear the famous swimmers in two and tri-dimensional mediums – highlighting canvas serigraphs with diamond dust – by New Yorker Carole A. Feuerman.

Furthermore, accompanying the show are enchanting characters and powerful color-palette in the new paintings by Miami-resident Julio Larraz; and the mastery of magic realism by Spanish Cristóbal Toral, featuring his epic suitcases and time/voyage related works.



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