Oscar Saborío

“My hands are my best tools. It is the most direct pathway between the canvas and my soul.”

Costa Rican artist Oscar Saborío (B. 1940) has been interested in art since his early childhood. Born with the affinity and skill of drawing, his passion for fine art grew. After finishing high school, he became interested in studying architecture before moving to New York and studying dramatic arts at the age of 19.

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In 1962, he relocated to Puerto Rico. He dedicated the next 20 years of his life to his newly formed family and to his art while working tirelessly in the interior design field. As an interior designer, he developed a strong sense of aesthetics and used this experience to further grow his artistic technique and process. During his busiest times, Saborío never ceased to paint and actively participated in various exhibitions and art projects in Puerto Rico. In 1981, he moved to the United States where he currently lives and works. 

His artwork is part of his personal identity, drawing from his life experiences, emotions, and beliefs. He creates beautiful abstract works that symbolize parallel landscapes. With a work by Saborío, one can parse through his mind and study the carefully selected colors of the painting, which always hold a range of dark and light colors, signifying both hope and despair. He emphasizes both ends of the spectrum, recognizing that life encompasses both positive and negative moments. However, for him, there is a consistent presence of beauty and optimism. His artworks vividly reflect his thoughts and emotions, embracing the shared humanity within all of us.

As Saborío once said, “Art is a language of luxury…for a few. I paint to be happy learning to express myself. It is an emotional act inspired by spiritual and ethical values that strengthen and elevate my self-esteem.” 



•       Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, Manati, P.R.
•       Richardson Merrel Interamericas, Inc., Puerto Rico Branch, San Juan, P.R.
•       Dr. David Carol & Family, Austin, TX
•       Geare Kandstandt-Arawak Consulting Corporation, N.Y., N.Y.
•       Mepha Pharmaceuticals Distributors, San Jose, Costa Rica
•       Joseph Duran, S.L., Barcelona, Spain
•       Fernando Caballero & Family, Austin, TX
•       Claude Mughanni & Family, Austin, Tx
•       Chichi Rodriguez, Professional Golfer, Dorado, P.R.
•       Correa Carro & Associates, Cayey, P.R.
•       Tradestart Capital Limited, San Francisco, CA
•       Serres Family, Tarragona, Spain
•       Mrs. Cynthia Roeche, Palo Alto, CA
•       Mr. Donald Teague, Lost Gatos, CA 

Selected Solo and Collective Exhibitions 

•       1978 – Casa Alcaldía de Cayey, P.R.
•       1979 – III Muestra Anual de Pintura y Escultura, San Juan, P.R.
•       1979 – Galería Palomas, San Juan, P.R.
•       1979 – Galería San Jerónimo, San Juan, P.R.
•       1980 – Sala de Exposiciones del Dpto. de Instrucción Publica, P.R.
•       1980 – Museo Ramón Frado, Colegio Universitario de Cayey, P.R.
•       1980 – IV Muestra Anual de Pintura, y Escultura, San Juan, P.R.
•       1981 – Sala de Exposiciones “Casa Blanca” del I.C.P., San Juan, P.R.
•       1984 – I Muestra de Artistas Cayeyanos Contemporáneos, Museo Universitario de Cayey, P.R.
•       2004 – Galería Arte Las Americas, Houston, TX
•       2016 – Art of the World Gallery, Houston, TXS