Karla de Lara

“I am a dreamer, a restless soul, and a creator of stories that are always captured on canvas.”

Karla de Lara (B.1972) is a contemporary Mexican artist that continually seeks to explore uncharted artistic worlds without stylistic boundaries or technical limitations. In other words, she operates free from creative constraints. She adapts and readapts her techniques to better express her ideals and the realities of her everyday life. (Read More)

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Karla de Lara is recognized today as the mother of hyperrealistic pop art. The themes she expresses within this genre are exaggerated versions of hyperpop, inspired by the entertainment industry and infused with references of the collective imagination that distort these ideas in a way that flirts with realism without bowing to its limitations.

One of her artistic hallmarks the distinctive high-gloss technique she uses. Her understanding and detailed attention to light, atmosphere, plasticity, abstract forms, and architecture – the latter enriched during her period in Italy – are among the abilities that Karla de Lara brings to her art. Her paintings of cities are like magical colorings and reinterpretations of her own personal experiences.

Her canvasses become her repository of emotions; her brushstrokes, her voice; her inspirations, her expressions of life. Karla has the honor of being the only living artist included in the exclusive collection at the Chapultepec Castle Museum in Mexico City. She has held 300 international exhibitions worldwide and her work has been exhibited in 37 countries.


Important Exhibitions

2022 – 2023    Homenaje a Luis Barragan, Museo de las Americas, Denver, Colorado, USA

2022    Bicentennial of Political Relations México – USA, Washington D.C. – Mexico City, Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, D.C., USA

2022    Evocations, Art of the World Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

2018    National Museum of History, Castle of Chapultepec, Mexico City, México

2018    I Segnalati, Velli Palace, Rome, Italy

2018    Sogni, Baticcie, Mussomeli, Sicily, Italy

2018    Mural Conmemorativo para el Museo de Antropologia de Mussomeli, Festival de Cine, Sicily, Italy

2016    Una noche en París con Tolouse-Lautrec, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, México


Important Group Exhibitions

2024    ZonaMACO, Centro CitiBanamex, Mexico City, México

2023    ArtMiami, Miami, Florida, USA

2018    ArtFest Puebla, Puebla, México



2020    Biennale dei Normanni, Monreale, Italy

2019    3a Bienal de Arte Barcelonna, Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Barcelona, Spain

2018    International Biennale of Flanders, Bruges, Belgium

2017    11th Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy