Karla de Lara

“I am a dreamer, a restless soul, and a creator of stories that are always captured on canvas.”

Karla de Lara (B.1972) is a Mexican artist eager to continually explore uncharted artistic worlds without stylistic boundaries or technical limitations. In other words, she operates free from creative constraints. Her personality often pits her against convention. She adapts and readapts her techniques to better express her ideals and the realities of her everyday life. (Read More)

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Karla de Lara is recognized today as the mother of hyperrealistic pop art. The themes she expresses within this genre are exaggerated versions of hyperpop, inspired by the entertainment industry and infused with references of the collective imagination that distort these ideas in a way that flirts with realism without bowing to its limitations.

One of her artistic hallmarks the distinctive high-gloss technique she uses. Faces and glances within a chiaroscuro environment reflect states of inner being, human duality and the world of emotions.
Each piece touches the soul and reveals its vulnerabilities by connecting with human memories and experiences.

Her understanding and detailed attention to light, atmosphere, plasticity, abstract forms and architecture – the latter enriched during her period in Italy – are among the abilities that Karla de Lara brings to her art. Her paintings of cities are like magical colorings and reinterpretations of her own personal experiences.

Her canvasses become her repository of emotions; her brushstrokes, her voice; her inspirations, her expressions of life.