Park Eun Sun

“My sculptures outline a spatial expansion to infinity that can be linked to the desires, progress and hopes of man, as well as to the infinite desire for power in a proliferation that has no limits.”

Park Eun Sun (B. 1965) was born in South Korea where he graduated from Art School of Kyung-Hee University with a degree in sculpture, after moving to Italy he studied further at the Carrara Academy of Art. Since 1993 he has dedicated himself to sculpture, living in Pietrasanta, Italy and studying all over Europe. (Read More)

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Well-known for his granite and marble structures, which he carefully arranges according to different shapes, suggest a formal kinship with Minimalist Art. This is due to the nature of the sculptures, as they come from simple and solid shapes of geometric cubes, perfect spheres, cylinders, and assembled tubular rings. For Park, he uses interchanging layers of granite or marble to dynamize the plasticity of the volume, supporting the effect of light on the curved surface of his spheres and columns. 

In Park’s sculpture, the denial of a rigid rational-geometric consequentiality is always prevalent, in favor of asymmetry, of the spreading of the forms, of their opening up inside through cracks and holes, in the dialogue, between full and empty, high and low, heaven and earth, part and all, man and cosmos. His process is complex and laborious, as he puts his heart and soul into his works, creating timeless sculptures with unspeakable beauty.

His works have been displayed all over the world in solo and joint exhibitions, among them: The Alba Open-Air in Alba, Italy; the 28th Korea Galleries Art Fair in Busan, Korea; the exhibition at the municipal park of Hesperange and at the Galerie Urbengsschlass, Luxembourg; Hotel Principe Leopoldo in Lugano, Switzerland. In October 2014 the artist had a magnificent exhibition at Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, Italy. In 2017, Sun had an exhibition at Pisa International Airport.