Sophia Vari

“For me, I need to touch and feel the reality of something. So sculpture is more real. It is there, you touch it, you go around it. But painting, drawing is an illusion.”

The brilliant Sophia Vari (B. 1940) has captivated audiences worldwide with her public art installations in cities like Paris, Florence, New York, Shangai, Monaco, Madrid, Athens, Rome, Istanbul, Sao Paolo, Caracas, and Pietrasanta, just to name some of the most important places. Among her many accomplishments include several museum exhibitions and nearly 100 solo shows. (Read More)

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Her collages, oils, and watercolors on canvas are also a part of her constant research of form and balance. Both striking and lively, she creates compositions that play with a sense of space and depth. She paints her artworks with a three-dimensional quality, that attracts viewers to her creations, using soft palettes and delicate techniques to create shadows and volumes, as well as extremely refined textures included old book pages, particular papers, even layers of canvas fabric 

In her exotic and exquisite sculptures, you will find precious materials such as marble, silver, polished bronze with different patinas, and wall-epoxy-sculptures, often in white monochromatic proposals as well as with color hand-painted finishes. Vari surpasses her own idea of three-dimensional until she could actually wear her own art, creating a breathtaking luxurious collection of jewelry 

Known for her bronze polychrome sculptures and geometric paintings, Vari is considered a major world-renowned artist. She was born in Greece but grew up in Switzerland with her Greek-Hungarian family. She traveled throughout Europe and officially moved to Paris to attend the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1958, studying forms and their effects on the physical space and viewer surrounding it. She draws influence from various points in art history including Cubism, and ancient cultures like the Cycladic Greeks, Egyptians, and the Pre-Columbian Olmec and Mayans.